This page will eventually display the Galleries on many events at Harewood from the opening event on 16th September 1962 to the recent past.

Because many of the photographs will not be attributable to an event the pages will be slightly different.  Wherever possible we will post photographs to the event, failing this if the photographs can be attributed to a “year” then there will be a gallery for all these photographs.  If we can’t allocate them to a year we will endeavour to relate them to an “era”.  If this is not possible we will post them to an “un-attributable” gallery.  If we are given groups of photographs we will recognise any “copywrites” by posting them to separate galleries acknowledging the copywrite.

To find the event you are looking for click on the Era, then the year, then the event.

If the ERA, Year or Event is not shown then we will currently have no information for that event.

If you have any information that we do not appear to have then please make contact